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Physical pain in your back, neck or any area of your body impacts your enjoyment of life. By working with an experienced professional, you address the pain and encourage natural healing processes. It is possible to enjoy life without experiencing unnecessary discomfort.

About Our Team

Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals take pride in providing the care you or a loved one needs for long-term health. In our clinic, a professional evaluates your needs and provides a personalized treatment plan to address the situation.

Dr. Ron van der Veen focuses on giving individuals the hope they may lack when coming from a traditional healthcare system. As each specialist handles an aspect of your well-being and focuses on addressing the pain, inflammation or other health concerns that limit your mobility and life, you will feel confident about your body's natural ability to heal.

In our clinic, we face each day with the expectation of a challenge and we believe in helping you reach your health goals and your body's potential. Let our team of experienced professionals provide the care you need to recover from an injury or heal from unexpected pain.

Services from a Chiropractor in Estepona

A chiropractor in Estepona does not jump immediately into treatment. Before recommending a treatment strategy for your pain or needs, we identify the cause of your discomfort. We only develop a treatment plan when we understand the cause of your pain and the contributing factors that make it hard for your body to heal.

After identifying the cause of your pain, we offer physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments to address the situation. Chiropractic care varies based on the area of your body impacted by the injuries or pain. We may use spinal adjustments or neck adjustments to help reduce pain in your back, neck and shoulders. We also use the treatments to address sciatica or similar conditions.

When you have pressure on your nerves, we may recommend decompression therapy. Decompression treatments reduce the pressure on your nerves by addressing herniated discs or related spinal disc conditions.

In physical therapy, a specialist develops a plan for your body to heal. We may recommend stretches, exercises and lifestyle changes to help with your long-term goals. We may also use spinal adjustments and treatments to improve your posture and encourage your body to recover from an injury. Physical therapy differs for each individual based on the situation and the affected area of your body.

Conditions We Treat in Estepona

Our specialists offer treatment and services to residents of Estepona and the surrounding areas. We recognize that each condition requires a different strategy to encourage healing and recovery. Our understanding of the musculoskeletal system and the impact of injuries allows us to treat a variety of conditions and health concerns.

Common conditions we treat in our clinic include:

• Headaches or migraines

• Back pain

• Neck pain

• Arthritis, including osteoarthritis

• Shoulder pain

• Chronic fatigue

• Injuries from sports, such as sprained ankles or knee pain

• Whiplash

• Allergies

• Child health concerns, particularly when you have concerns about scoliosis or similar spinal conditions

• Degenerative disc conditions

• Sciatica and similar nerve pain

We treat a variety of concerns and symptoms that may limit your ability to enjoy normal activities. We work with adults, children and infants who may need specialized care to address their concerns. We also recognize that certain injuries from sports, car accidents or workplace accidents may cause complications to your health and well-being. We address many conditions related to the musculoskeletal system and have the ability to help with many types of pain in your body.

Schedule an Appointment at Result Care

When you are ready to address the symptoms of a condition or an injury, you want to schedule an appointment at Result Care. Our experienced professionals offer the specialized care you need to heal from an injury or to address pain in your body. We also take measures to identify the cause of your pain to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment.

Whether you or a loved one needs treatment for an injury or condition, we have natural treatments to help with your goals. A chiropractor in Estepona offers the care you and your family, including your children, need to keep up with your health goals. To learn more about treating different conditions in your body or to set up an appointment with a specialist in our clinic, call 34 699 704 799 today.


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Meet the Chiropractor

  • Dr.
    Ron van der Veen

    I find it great when people who are disappointed in health care and have little hope come to us and because of our concern and advice, and are enthusiastic about the results. That gives me the energy to do my work with enthusiasm.

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