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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care from Our Chiropractor in Estepona

At Result Care in Estepona, we offer chiropractic treatments for many different conditions, injuries, and symptoms, from sports injuries to aches and pains that affect older people. So, why should you choose chiropractic care over other forms of pain relief? For starters, our team is committed to providing all-natural, long-term care that actually addresses the source of your symptoms. Dr. Ron, our chiropractor in Estepona, wants to help you achieve your wellness goals, whatever they may be. Get started by learning a little more about our chiropractic care.


What is Chiropractic Care?

Like other health care fields, chiropractic care revolves around the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of different health conditions. Unlike other fields, it involves no pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures, and it takes your entire body and lifestyle into account instead of focusing on isolated symptoms. This holistic, all-natural approach allows us to truly get to the root of your pain for long-term relief.

For example, our chiropractor in Estepona treats misalignment and inflammation by using his hands to physically manipulate the spine (or other joints) or massage the soft tissue. Sometimes he uses a traction table or handheld instrument during these spinal adjustments and your chiropractic regimen may also include X-rays, at-home exercises, and other forms of diagnostics and corrective care. Ultimately, the goal of chiropractic care is to restore natural balance and function to your body as a whole.

Conditions Treated By Our Chiropractor in Estepona

Are you living with symptoms that affect your daily mobility and quality of life? Were you involved in a recent accident, and you want to make sure you heal quickly and correctly? Chiropractic care may be the right approach for you. Our Estepona chiropractor treats many different injuries and conditions, but he knows each patient has unique needs. That’s why your chiropractic care will begin with a thorough evaluation to learn more about your specific diagnosis.

Here are some of the most common conditions we treat at Result Care:

• Auto Accident Injuries – Whiplash and other auto accident injuries may get worse over time, especially if the spine was injured in any way. Come to Result Care right away after an auto accident, so that we can restore proper support and alignment in order to prevent further tension, inflammation, and mobility loss.

• Work Injuries – From slip-and-fall accidents to misalignment and nerve damage caused by lifting or typing, workplace injuries can seriously interfere with your ability to make a living. We help rehabilitate and correct the source of your pain to speed up the healing process and prevent additional injuries.

• Neck Pain – Whether your neck pain was caused by whiplash, stress, or poor posture, your chiropractor will work to find the right path to neck pain relief for you. Our chiropractor may perform chiropractic manipulations to relieve neck pain, but he often starts with treatments that reduce inflammation and stimulate the healing process.

• Back Pain – Our back pain treatments depend on the source, type, and duration of your back pain. For example, lower back pain may be caused by poor posture that throws off the spine’s natural alignment, and our chiropractor corrects misalignment with chiropractic manipulations.

• Headaches – Tension headaches, migraines, and other common, recurring headaches are often caused by outside factors like muscle tension, sleep deprivation, and other problems we can identify and correct to provide long-term headache relief.

• Sports Injuries – We treat both sudden and chronic sports injuries, including damage to the ligaments, tendons, or joints due to accidents and overuse. Our goal is to help you return to the sport you love without long-term damage, mobility loss, or pain.

If you don’t see your condition on this list, don’t worry. Our chiropractor helps patients of all ages, activity levels, and health histories achieve their wellness goals. For example, we offer pain management and rehabilitative care to help older patients combat the effects of age and chronic health conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Pain and mobility loss may not be inevitable after all, and our chiropractor wants to help you keep your body in fighting shape for years to come.

Schedule a Chiropractic Exam in Estepona Today

Because chiropractic care is a natural, holistic approach to so many different conditions, it’s ideal for many different patients. Schedule an exam today to find out if you’re one of them. Instead of covering up your symptoms, our chiropractor will work hard to figure out exactly what’s causing them or making them worse. Then, he will customize a treatment plan that takes your body’s needs into account. Call +34 699 704 799 to request an appointment with our chiropractor in Estepona today.

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