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Neck Pain

Neck Pain in Estepona, Spain

When you have neck pain in Estepona, Spain, you want to find safe and effective relief fast. The last thing you want to do is go for exploratory surgery or to take painkiller drugs to mask the pain. Fortunately there is a natural treatment option via chiropractic care. Here at Result Care Ron van der Veen is a chiropractor in Estepona, Spain. He will provide you with all-natural and comprehensive chiropractic care to relieve your neck pain and treat your condition.

woman suffering from neck pain

Understanding Neck Pain

Neck pain stems from abnormalities in your upper cervical spine and the discs in your vertebrae, as well as neck muscles and tendons. Whenever either of these parts of your neck are inflamed, out of alignment, or torn, it leads to neck pain. You can also develop neck pain if your spine is out of alignment or experiencing a herniated or bulging disc in the upper cervical spine.

Different Types of Neck Pain

The most common cause of neck pain that we treat here at Result Care is neck pain due to an auto accident. In this instance you may be diagnosed with whiplash, which is a serious type of neck pain that inhibits your mobility. Other causes of neck pain include sports injuries, poor ergonomics, personal injuries, and poor posture. Looking at a computer screen or mobile device, such as your smartphone, for hours each day can also cause undue strain in your neck muscles. This can cause constant neck pain. Over time, if left untreated, neck-related injuries can cause severe and chronic neck pain that takes much longer to heal.

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

When you suffer from neck pain you want to find safe treatment as your neck muscles and upper spine require specialized attention. This is the perfect time to contact your chiropractor in Estepona, Spain. Ron van der Veen of Result Care has been a board certified and licensed chiropractor since 1988. In the past three decades he has developed a skill set with working with neck pain patients. He begins each chiropractic treatment with a consultation session. This includes information about your neck pain and medical history.

He will then conduct a physical exam to evaluate your neck pain and cause of the condition. From there you will receive a personalized treatment plan that includes the most appropriate chiropractic treatments for your neck pain. This commonly includes a chiropractic cervical adjustment of your musculoskeletal system. This realigns your muscles, tendons, and upper cervical spine, while taking off pressure from your neck and upper back muscles.

Additionally, if you have a herniated or bulging disc, you may receive a spinal decompression treatment. This opens up the spine and allows the inflamed disc to return to its normal position. Other treatments may include attitude consciousness movement and exercise so to improve your posture and everyday neck movements.

Contact a Chiropractor in Estepona, Spain

If you are searching for a chiropractor in Estepona, Spain to begin chiropractic care for neck pain, we are here to help you. Ron van der Veen of Result Care can also provide you with comprehensive chiropractic adjustments to improve your general health and wellness. Contact our office by calling +34 699 704 799 and schedule an appointment for chiropractic treatment for your neck pain.

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