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Fees & Prices

Take a look at the fees and prices of your health insurance.
Please select the right type of treatment to see the fee.

Compensation Chiropractic

Result Care has contracts with all health insurers. Chiropractic is reimbursed from the additional package. When chiropractic in your supplementary package down, then the treatment in all cases (partly) reimbursed. This not compromising your own risisco of at least € 385.

How many treatments will be reimbursed?

Take yourself, contact your health care provider to check for reimbursement for chiropractic is also included in your package. You know exactly do you package? Below is an overview of the different packages with different insurers.

Please note that chiropractic always come to the counter to be settled. We will give you a (digital) bill along. You can send yourself to your health care, then you will be refunded the money in most cases within a week of your account.

Compensation Physiotherapy

You are in all cases responsible for the declareerbaarheid of physical therapy consultations. It is advisable to regularly check whether you are entitled to compensation.

Basic Insurance Physiotherapy?

Physical therapy is for people over 18 but very limited reimbursement from the insurance. Only policyholders faced with a chronic condition from the 20th treatment reimbursed. Do you have a chronic condition? Then you can take out supplementary insurance for the reimbursement of the first 20 treatments. If you have any chronic condition, the cover is always under the supplementary insurance. If you only have a basic insurance and your health insurance or reimburse your physical therapy, it must be paid for the consultation at the counter. You can declare yourself then your health insurance.

Additional Insurance Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the most chosen coverages in the additional package of health insurance. Want to know if physical therapy is also reimbursed by your insurer? consult your own insurance, or contact us.

Contracts between insurers and result care

Result Care has contracts with all health insurance companies, so if physiotherapy is within your policy, your physical therapy consultation with Result Care will also be reimbursed by your health insurer. You do consult therefore not payable at the counter, Result Care takes care of this for you.

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