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Who is Dr. Ron

Who is Dr. Ron van der Veen,D.C.

Dr. Ron Graduated from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in July 1988.

Practice owner since 1991 in Molenhoek, The Netherlands.

Before studying chiropractic, Dr. Ron studied electrical engineering, getting his B.E.E. degree in 1982. He worked as Application Engineer for a centrifugal pump company in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Due to this engineering background, he is very interested in finding the deeper causes to the health issues he currently is asked to solve. The quest into the causes of health issues lead him to follow an array of continuing education seminars.

Dr. Ron is a member of the European Chiropractors Union, The Netherlands Chiropractors Association and the International Chiropractors Association.

He uses a variety of chiropractic techniques, among which Diversified, SOT, Activator, Thompson, Cox, Upper cervical specific, A.K., nutritional therapy and Neuro-emotional approaches. You might say: Fusion Chiropractic. The goal is to allow Innate Intelligence to express itself fully in all patients and their families and friends.

It is his challenge to help as many people as possible with providing effective life-conforming solution for complex health issues.


  • 1984 -1988 AECC, England, Doctor of Chiropractic
  • 1987- National Board Part 1
  • 1988-1989 Applied Kinesiology 200hrs
  • Extensive postgraduate education in:
  • Sacro-Occiputal Technique by Dr. John Howat et al
  • Stomatognathic interactions by Dr. J.P.Meersseman
  • Total Body Modification by Dr. Victor Frank
  • Bio Energy Synchronization Technique by Dr. M.T.Morter
  • Extremity Adjusting by Dr. Raymond Broome
  • Network Spinal Analysis by Dr. Donald Epstein
  • Neurologic Relief Centers Technique seminar Florida
  • Nutritional Therapy byNutramin, Netherlands
  • Treatment of the infant cranium and management of gastro-intestinal problems by Dr. Stephen Williams
  • Natural Medicine in Germany by Martin Keymer at IMU institute
  • Ethic Philosophical Therapyin Germany by Gert Techmer at IMU institute
  • Bio-Information Therapy in Germany by Dr. Bodo Koehler
  • Psycho-Analysis in Switzerland by Prof. Dr. Max Luescher
  • Human Software Engineering by Tom Stone, San Diego, USA
  • Diamond Marketing Program, Get Clients Now, The Netherlands

The result for Dr. Ron of working in an inquisitive manner for 25 years yet has resulted in formulating the priorities, which various underlying causes have, here presented as Chiro-Priorities.

Chiro-Priorities: Next level in chiropractic -time for a new paradigm!

I am proud to be a chiropractor! Chiropractic is still a profession that is distinctly different from mainstream health care and I sincerely hope it will remain so forever. Chiropractic needs to be and remain on the cutting edge, in delivering health care in the most life-conforming and cost effective way possible. Chronic Health issues are more rampant than ever. Chiropractic is still positioned as a health care system without drugs and other synthetic approaches, but in my opinion, in need of a new paradigm to become and to stay mainstream. Being successful as a chiropractor today is more challenging than ever before, because the health of our patients is more challenged than ever. These challenges consist of pollution of soil, water and air, electrical fields and stress. Being successful in treating health issues effectively nowadays requires more than being an enthusiastic chiropractor and a skilled adjuster. It requires knowledge and skills to treat the various challenges, a new paradigm, which I call Chiro-Priorities.

I really see great need to share the Chiro-Priorities System with my chiropractic colleagues all over the world. I believe strongly that for Innate to its work, we have to remove the barriers that keep it from expressing itself. Currently, I am offering chiropractors a six-month training program, built up in seminars, webinars and coaching to effectively use the Chiro-Priority System. It is my intention to go Global with my program.

When you master the Chiro-Priorities you:

  1. will hardly ever have a non-responding patient
  2. will be able to treat complex cases successfully
  3. will have job satisfaction in a new dimension
  4. stay ahead of your competition
  5. will get more referrals and more new patients
  6. can charge better fees
  7. are geared up to the future

What are the Chiro-Priorities?

Chiro-Priorities are the themes, which need to be resolved in order to get progress in the restoration of health or to get resolution of a pain/dysfunction problem. The problem to the chiropractor is, that the progress he makes with treating a patients complaint is being frustrated, until he addresses this higher than the spine/pelvis issue.

The themes that have a priority over the neuro-muscular dynamics of spine and pelvis are:

  1. Unresolved emotional issues
  2. Toxicity and electro-magnetic fields
  3. Acid-alkaline balance and nutrition
  4. Cranio-dural dynamics
  5. Stomatognathic dynamics
  6. Visceral dynamics
  7. Lower extremity dysfunction

chiropractically yours,, where creative, working solutions are presented for the most diverse health issues. (My website is currently under construction, it will be finished soon.)

What did you study?
I graduated in 1988 at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, England. I was 28 when I went to study chiropractic.

What does chiropractic mean for you?
I had a good job as an electrical engineer when I came into contact with the power of chiropractic. I was so excited about the amazing results that I decided to quit my job and go along with my wife, Mirande, to England to learn this beautiful art. Those were difficult years, where we had to turn every penny three times. Years later I regret it all but I think every day more that I've learned a great profession. The average chiropractor focuses on the spine. So I am educated, but very soon I wondered about that I was with my knowledge and skills but limited success. I found that frustrating for the people who came to me with their complaints. From that moment I am constantly finding possible explanations for people with complex problems.

What is needed to achieve sustainable recovery of symptoms?
Through my years of experience I have finally developed a system, the Chiro-Priorities.

This consists of seven themes that have proven important in practice than just correcting the spine.

One of the key elements of the system is the mobility of the meninges. For this I developed a correction method that is particularly effective. Also, I was very clear that the correct closing of the teeth, and proper function of the temporomandibular joints is particularly important.

Why are you excited?

Solving complex problems; people who have been "everywhere" are happy with results that far exceed their expectations. I find that I manage the health of people who seek our help. That goes far beyond finding and correcting blockages in the spine.

I find it great every time people who are disappointed in health care and have little hope come to us and because of our concern and advice, are enthusiastic about the results. That gives me the energy to do my work with enthusiasm.


  • Mobility Meningitis
  • Closure of the teeth
  • Location of agencies
  • Solving complex problems
  • Training of chiropractors

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